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It Is Time.

It is time to reclaim your power as a conscious creator and creative visionary. It is time to take your place as a lightworker and world shifter. You already know and feel that there is so much more to your life than what you have experienced thus far. You know that you are meant for so much more. You know that you are right on the precipice of major change. 

But yet...

you hold yourself back. You make excuses as to why you aren't 'qualified'; why you aren't 'good enough'. That you don't have the time, or the resources. All false truths that we have conditioned ourselves to believe out of fear.

YOU Create Opportunity.

One morning as I was communing with spirit, I was told, "We are here to help and support you, but you must first help yourself."

Talk about a TRUTH bomb!!!

We cannot sit by the wayside waiting for the perfect time or the perfect opportunity. Or it will never come. We are here to remember our power as conscious creators within this human experience. There is nothing that we cannot create. Even though what we 'see' before us can often make us think otherwise. We have to see beyond the story in front of us and extend out and beyond the physical in order to come into divine remembrance of our innate gift of creation. 

To think that your goals can be reached without putting in the work is indeed a fools journey. It has taken me a great deal of time to come to this realization. But you see, there is a difference between consciously putting in work/effort and working hard for the sake of working hard. Putting in the work means doing the inner work that is required in order for your to be more effective in activating aligned action in the physical realm.

Putting in the work means, facing your fears head on with courage. Knowing that you will be supported in every step. Knowing that with every step you take, the universe moves. With every breath you create your reality.

5D & 6D Quantum Activation.

The key is shifting from unconscious creation to conscious creation.

Returning back to the inner knowing that tells us that there is nothing that we cannot accomplish;

nothing that we cannot experience if we TRULY believe in our power and our strength as children of creator. 

VOX is more than just a quantum healing container. More than just a Mastermind.

VOX is a portal. 

In this container we will be working with high frequency allies such as the Egyptian Goddesses Sekhmet & Bastet to active power, courage, and protection.

We will also be working a great deal with the divine celestial frequencies of Lyra & Sirius to anchor in powerful downloads and clearing of the energetic pathways. And for those who are ready; powerful DNA upgrades.


In these channeled sessions, you will be met where you are. Which means, you will receive what your being is ready for.

This container will push you with divine love, so that you may look at the aspects of yourself that you shy away from. Aspects that you might not be proud of. Aspects that hold hidden power, ready to be activated within your DNA. But all at the level of free will choice. We always have a choice. 


Know that by choosing to immerse yourself within this container you are choosing your highest timeline.

You are choosing your sacred contract.

You are choosing to be a beacon for others in this world who need your light. 

And most of all, you are choosing YOU




Not the YOU that you created in order to fit the 'status quo'.

The YOU that is meant to be a catalyst for others. 

The YOU that is meant to create a NEW way of being. 

The YOU that has worked lifetimes for this moment. 


Our sacred voice. Our truth. Our Authentic Expression...

can move mountains.

This is the WARRIOR'S CALL.

This container is for those who are ready to commit to their call.

The warrior's call. 

The warrior's call speaks to the wounded healer...

the guide...

the channel...

the alchemist...

 the lightworker...

 the starseed...

the oracle...

the witch...

the creative...

 The soul who knows that they have a higher calling but are simply having difficulty finding clarity or direction.

This container is for the souls who are ready to shift the tides in their life, and also in the lives of others.

Those who are ready to stop running away from showing up in the way that their soul yearns for. 

This year is our year. This is the year we SHOW UP and SHOW OUT.

This portal is POWERFUL.

And carries the frequency of the 5D & 6D beings who seek to support you upon your path.

This container isn't for the faint of heart.

But for those who are ready to face their shadow head on in order to tap into the fullness of their being.

As your guide and facilitator upon the journey, I bring forth my own unique frequency to hold space and to be a clear channel for all of the healing and wisdom that is to take place within this portal.


It is my honor and my duty as a lightworker and kosmic priestess to not just empower you, but to hold the frequency necessary in order for you to reach your fullest potential.

Are You Ready To Reclaim Your Power?

Are You Ready To Activate Your Authentic Voice?

Are You Ready To Shift Your Reality To the Next Level?

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