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Become A Reiki Master

Are your ready to expand your knowledge and take your Reiki practice to the next level??

  • Receive Advanced Reiki Training

  • Become a certified Reiki Master

  • Expand your energetic container in order to channel a stronger Reiki flow.

  • Develop the knowledge and skill to teach this sacred art

  • Gain tools to assist you in starting your own sacred business.

  • Discover how your authentic code is key in developing your sacred offer to the collective

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Making the free will choice to upgrade your reiki & healing practice through a Reiki Master Certification creates a POWERFUL portal of expansion.

As a Reiki Master not only will you gain the skills and tools to expand your practice, but you will also be able to share this wonderful healing modality with others!

As a teacher I stress the importance of developing your own unique process. And during this two day cohort, this will be no different. You will receive in depth training in the Usui/Tibetan Advanced Reiki Training. And become proficient in the Master symbols for your own personal use as well as to amplify the Reiki flow to your future clients!

We will be building upon everything that you have learned thus far! And do note that there will be a lot of practice! At least a third of the class will be you taking the time to practice the new skills you will gain. 

So prepare for an extremely energized class! This is a portal of deep transformation, not just energetically, but also within our full BEING. Trust and be open to the divine change that takes place during this cohort and in the days to follow. 

Sacred Business Mentorship

**As a bonus, I will be offering Sacred Business Mentorship during class time to assist you in taking the first steps in developing your offerings. For those who may already have a business in place, this guidance will assist you in transforming your offerings in a way that is unique and authentic to your soul blueprint. 

As we already know Reiki is a very widespread modality and has gained a great deal of popularity, which is beautiful! But what needs to be remembered is that as channels we bring forth a unique frequency to all that we do. And being a Reiki Practitioner is no different. I want to empower you to know that you can have a successful Reiki practice, even in an space that may seem to be saturated. 

Know that there are souls who are awaiting YOUR unique method. Your unique frequency. So be brave! The time to show up in your service is NOW! 

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I have been supporting seekers and luminary leaders since 2019. As a Reiki Master/Teacher of Usui/Tibetan Reiki Ryoho I provide a safe space for my students to grow, expand, and build confidence in their innate healing abilities; using Reiki as a bridge into the activation of their Sacred DNA & Creator Codes. 

I am so excited to take this beautiful journey with you. 

Your Investment


To make these classes more accessible payment arrangements are available for those who need it.

**But do note that there is an extra fee on monthly payments to cover processing fees.

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