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My services are diverse, but also interconnected in that they all seek to support the client on their own sovereign path. My goal and deepest desire is to guide you through the journey of rediscovering your power, and taking control of your life through your own innate ability as a creator being. 

At the core of my work I assist you through the process of releasing limitations and blockages that cause stagnancy not just within the physical form, but also energetically. Freedom is yours if you desire to claim it. 

We are not victims of circumstance...

We live in a society that has conditioned us into believing that we are at the will and reckoning of our circumstance and those whom we may deem more powerful than us. Throughout time we have lost sight of and forgotten just how powerful we are. As children of Creator we too are creators. Limitless creators. Everything we see, feel, experience is a reflection of our own thoughts, beliefs, and programming. 


And it is time for us to truly....TRULY remember WHO WE ARE. For most of us it is a life's journey. It is one of the primary reasons we are here. But constantly being surrounded by the physicality of our experience, we become distracted and lose track. Becoming anchored into a narrative that is not derivative of our divine soul blueprint.  

What is my Soul Blueprint?

Your blueprint is a beautiful and simplistic way of describing your plan and purpose of coming into this life. It describes what it is you desire to bring to this world. How you are meant to elevate the world and collective consciousness through your unique ripple. 

In order to fully anchor into your soul blueprint you must first remember and embrace the 'I AM' presence within you. Or as I like to call it, your 'Source Code'. 

Your source code is wired into every atom of your BEing. Every strand of DNA. Just waiting to be acknowledged and activated. 

BEcoming a Conscious Creator

We are constantly creating our reality, whether we realize it or not. Yes...we are that powerful. We are limitless creators designed in the image of the 'I AM' presence. Created for unique purposes within our own paths. Our thoughts and beliefs are constantly building the world around us. And when working in unison with others it becomes even more amplified. 

My desire as your guide is to assist you in becoming a more conscious creator. To become more aware of your power as a creator being, and use that power to create the reality that you desire for yourself. To help you overcome your own limitations and elevate yourself. 

A healer is not one who heals the receiver. A healer is one who guides the receiver in the journey of healing themselves. I am here to empower you and assist in giving you the tools necessary in order to amplify your BEing. 

Making Space

What is important to note is that in order to become a conscious creator, once must first heal/clear/release the limitations and blockages that cause interference. 

Think of your BEing as a filter, everything you experience is filtered through your physical, emotional, mental, and energetic bodies. Everyday we are constantly coming into contact with different levels of frequencies. Some higher, and some much lower. Like any filter, over time we will fill with debris, becoming blocked and overburdened. Our filter becomes unable to function properly and we literally become what it is that we are built to filter out, and can no longer hold space for that is for our highest good, because we are weighed down by the junk. 

This is why upkeep and maintenance is important for our entire BEing. Just as our physical form needs to be nourished by good food, the energetic form requires care and upkeep as well. 

Most of my services have been developed for this purpose. To help renew, repair & rebalance the energy body, to support the balance of the physical, emotional, and mental bodies. Reiki, a subtle energy healing technique of Japanese origins, is one of the modalities that I use in this regard. I also practice quantum healing through light language facilitation, ancestral healing, as well as progressive & regressive hypnosis methods to support the process where needed.

What is Reiki?

Reiki is a spiritual healing art of Japanese origin. It is an energy healing technique that promotes relaxation, reduces stress and anxiety through gentle touch. The use of gentle touch is to deliver energy to your body, improving the flow and balance of your energy to support healing.


The word Reiki comes from the Japanese word 'Rei' which means Universal Life/Source and 'Ki' which means life force energy.


Reiki is not aligned with any certain religion or spirituality. It is not massage nor is it based on belief or suggestion.

What is Quantum Healing?

There are many different forms and definitions of what Quantum Healing is. So I will share with you my own personal definition and how I incorporate it into my healing practice. When I speak of the Quantum, I am speaking of the interconnectedness of our BEing and the multiple levels of our existence as souls. When doing Quantum work we are not just focusing on what is right in front of us, we are also focusing on all the aspects of our BEing that make up who we are. Beyond the physical, beyond this dimension. 

Everything in existence is multilayered and YOU are no different. We are limitless in every sense of the word. And coming into a remembrance of this is imperative in order for you to consciously create your reality and mold your life into what you desire it to be. It is in the Quantum that we access the Akashic records, our ancestors, guides, past lives, parallels, and future timelines! 

And it is our innate ability to access all of this and more! We just have to open our awareness and break the limitations that we set upon ourselves!

What Is Light Language?

Light Language is the language of the soul. Pure love frequency that is channeled through our physical being and shared with the world around us. We all have a core form of light language. And no matter the form, it carries a unique signature that is specific to the individual. As spiritual beings living a human experience it is our birthright to amplify our being through the channeling of this divine light made manifest. 

It can be expressed in many different ways, such as spoken word, tones, written script, and body movement. There is no right or wrong way to express one's light language. However it does require activation in some form. And this activation does not have to come from outside of yourself, though it can. 

I use my divine gift of Light Language to Amplify my healing practice as well as to help activate other souls. It is my primary way of connecting with other light beings and divine support. When I channel my Light Language I am speaking directly through the 'I AM' presence within me. The Source from which we have all been made manifest.

I often incorporate this into my sessions with clients because it allows me to set my own mind aside and allow Source energy to flow through me without interference. I am still always pleasantly surprised by what comes through for my clients, whether it is messages from their own guides and ancestors or their higher self. 

If activating your own innate light language is something that you would like to explore, or if your would like to elevate and strengthen your light language flow I would love to support you!

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