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Reiki Master Certification + Sacred Business Mentorship

Date : April 26th & 27th 2024 

Location : Salem, Oregon

Usui/Tibetan Reiki Ryoho - Level 1

Date : June 22nd 2024 

Location : Online/Virtural

Usui/Tibetan Reiki Ryoho - Level 2

Date : June 29th 2024 

Location : Online/Virtural

The beauty of Reiki is it's ability to unlock and activate the healing and creation power that is already within us just waiting to be revealed! 

The soul who chooses to activate and attune to Reiki flow expands their energetic container as a result. Growing their capacity to channel high frequency energy through their human vessel. 

This is such a divine gift, as having this renewed connection to life force energy provides a pathway to soul ascension and a deeper awareness of our truth and authentic selves. 


Reiki is A Bridge...

A subtle energy technique of Japanese origins, Reiki is an accessible method to beginning your path as a healer. As a divine channel, a Reiki Practitioner simply acts as a conduit for Reiki to flow through.

Reiki can be translated to universal life force energy. It is pure high frequency energy that is channeled directly from the Universe/Source/Creator. 


Channeling this energy into the body assists the client in healing themselves by clearing blockages within the energetic body that may be causing stagnancy or dis-ease. Thus it can also be used as a support and complimentary modality to traditional medicine.



When attuned to Reiki energy you not only gain the ability to channel this beautiful energy to others, but you will also find that it expands your container in a truly powerful way.


Making the choice to be attuned to Reiki opens you up to a whole new world within your Spiritual practice. You will experience a strengthening to your connection to Divine Source/God/Creator.

  • You will unearth and release lower vibrational energies that you may not even realize are there.


  • You will expand and upgrade your energy channels, which allows you to anchor in more powerful energies from Source.


  • You will experience a powerful amplification of the heart chakra opening to receive this beautiful medicine and gift.


  • You will naturally begin to find yourself more in tune with your spiritual gifts.


  • You will leave being able to channel this beautiful gift to others. **Includes a certificate of completion**





Walking the path of a Reiki Practitioner is a beautiful journey, filled with self-discovery, healing, and service. Whether you are offering it professionally, or just for your personal journey; know that you are making a beautiful commitment to anchoring in love to Mother Earth and mankind. And the world needs so much more of that!

Are you ready to activate your healing path? 

If you feel called to become a Reiki Practitioner, I would be honored to support and guide you through this expansive journey!

Upon completion of these classes and certifications you will have a deeper understanding of Reiki and its history, be able to channel Reiki to yourself & others, as well as be qualified to start your own Reiki practice professionally (upon completion of Level 2), if that is what you so choose. 

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