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I am Kiayana West of The Sanctuary Code LLC

As a Reiki Master/Teacher, Quantum Healer, Universal Channel & Light Language Facilitator, I anchor in the knowledge of the Ancients through my own celestial heritage as a soul; in order to channel high frequency healing and wisdom to my clients and students. Providing a safe space and sanctuary is my passion. 


I answer my divine calling by guiding souls who are ready to awaken, expand and quantum leap! I do this by facilitating powerful portals and channeling light codes to serve the unique needs of each soul; bringing forth a remembrance of their divine truth & the dormant power to be found within their sacred DNA and human vessel.


Working With Me...

What I have to offer the world is different. 

Part of my mission in this lifetime is to be a beacon. 

To be a light, a guide, a teacher, a channel to those who require my own unique essence to help catalyze and catapult them forward on their spiritual path. 

I provide a safe place for growth so that divine unearthing may take place. 

Development of skill is only one aspect of growth in regards to our metaphysical gifts. Our soul gifts. 

There is an importance in knowing. Truly knowing  your purpose, which is constantly changing within nay given day. As the collective consciousness evolves, so do the needs of all whom are within it. 

This is why I have structured this program to not only teach you how to strengthen  your inherent gifts, but to also provide a fertile space for healing through these massive evolutions and time shifts that will take place. 

CORE HEALING AND DNA RECODES... not only help you rediscover your core essence; but also catalyze awakenings within you, by channeling high frequency light codes. 

We elevate your body using the quantum technology of the sanctuary codex that I anchor in directly from source. 

With the support of your own Spirit team and Angelic metaphysicians we will work together to clear and extract blocks within your light body to bring a more balanced flow to your physical form. This allows for a clearer and reinforced channel. 

Throughout this process we will also be...

...channeling guidance directly from spirit on how to best strengthen your innate giftings. With all things, developing a regular practice is important. And this program is no different. 

Your commitment and investment make all the difference in what you will get out of working through this mentorship.

Every program is fine tuned to the needs of each soul; however all clients will receive:

  • 3 Months of Intensive Healing Work & Metaphysical Mentorship

    • 3 Quantum Recode Sessions​

    • 1 Ancestor Starchild Session (Channeled Ancestral Healing & Activation Journey)

    • 6 Mentorship Calls w/ Channeled Guidance & Direction

    • 90 Day Voxer Access  (An app that allows us to communicate in real time using voice chat or text.)

    • 1 Power Center Mapping - (This is a form a quantum mapping that I do in order to pinpoint your main power centers within your chakra system and how they support your innate gifts.)

Customized Mentorship Calls...

...including channeled guidance from your Spirit Team to help fine tune your unique giftings. These calls will typically be 45-60 minutes and allow us the space to practice as well as develop plans on how to help you expand in your spiritual gifts and metaphysical abilities. 

There truly is no cookie cutter plan, everything is developed to meet you own distinct need depending on where you are on your path as well as you own essence. 

ARE YOU READY... take the leap? Are you ready to step fully into your power and remembrance of your true self?

Do you feel the call to work together to help you take the quantum leap that is divinely orchestrated for you?

If the answer is a full body yes; if you are ready to take this leap and elevate your spiritual gifts to the next level, I encourage you to apply below. 

The application process is to help me to determine whether or not we are a vibrational match. This is of the utmost importance when making this level of commitment. It is important that I know that I can be of service, as well as if you are in a point on your path where your soul is ready to receive the level of quantum shifts that we will be working towards. 

**There will be limited spaces available. I will only be working with three souls within this intensive at any given time, to ensure that each soul receives the time, and energy that is needed.**

SANCTUARY EMBLEM  (Facebook Cover).png

Mentorship Application

Which topic(s) below would you like to focus on during our 3 months together?
Are you willing to make a monetary & energetic investment of $3,333? This includes all services during the duration of the program (3 Months). Payment plans are also made available at the time of acceptance.

Thank you for making the free will choice to take the next step in your evolutionary journey. Expect a response within 5-7 days.

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